Smadar Hirsh

Ms. Smadar Hirsh, M.Sc. Agr. in Horticulture. Director of the MSCAs, ERC, the Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities, the two horizontal programmes programmes at ISERD, and the national delegate to the programme committees of ERC, MSCA, FET as well as SC6. Ms. Hirsh has been working in ISERD since September 2003 and has served as an NCP for Life Sciences and Food Quality and Safety in FP6, and was actively involved in several FP projects. At the beginning of FP7, Smadar was also NCP for Health and ERC, but since November 2007 was nominated as a delegate for People, SSH and SiS. 

Smadar, in collaboration with Orna, was the Coordinator of the FP7 PeopleNetwork project; serves as Work Package Leader in FP7 NET4SOCIETY3 and PeopleNetwork+ projects, H2020 Net4Mobility and NCP_WIDE.NET projects.

Address: 4 Hayarden St., Airport City 7019900, Israel
Tel: +972 3 5118171