Iveta Hermanovská

Mgr.  Iveta Hermanovská has been  National Contact Point and national expert  for  MSCA actions, ERC  and Health, demographic changes and wellbeing for Horizon 2020 since 2013. Before she has been managing European Science Foundation agenda for more than 12 years at the Slovak Academy of Sciences as National Contact Point and has been coordinator of EUROCORES schemes projects which was competitive scheme to Era-Nets in all scientific disciplines for the Slovak Republic.  She has been project manager for ERA-NET TRANSCAN for over 2 years and responsible for day-to-day administrative, legal and financial management of the project  and member of Steering Committee ERA-Net TRANSCAN .  As member of ESF Member Organisation Forum on Publicly funded research (Working Group III) and member of High-Level Expert group of European Medical Research Council ESF she participated at Science Policy Briefing – Health Research Classification Systems – Current Approaches and future recommendations. She has been working as Technical Assistance to Coordinator of Priority Area 7 – Knowledge Society and ICT of EU strategy for Danube region.

She has organized many international meetings and conferences (UNESCO conference, Danube Academy conference, ESF MO Fora, ESF  Governing Council ESF, ERA-NET TRANSCAN, PALATIUM, NHIST  etc.)