NCP Documents

The NCP Document page will allow you to find easiler the important documents related to your work as NCP. 

Additional documents related to the MSCA can be found here.

MSCA Promotion

MSC Actions EC Flyer

European Commission flyer presenting the Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions.
Download here.

Proposal Writing

Work Programme 16-17

Programme presenting the different Actions and calls for proposals.
Download here.

MSCA Flyers

This brochures will outline tips & tricks for writing a proposal. Download ITN - IF - RISE -COFUND - eformat - print format - image format

How to Write a Proposal

UNOFFICIAL document prepared by the Luxinnovation
Download here.

IF 2017 Checklist

UNOFFICIAL IF Checklist prepared by Euresearch.
Downlaod here.

Project Management

EU Charter & Code

The Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.
Download here.

MSCA Pocket Guide

A pocket guide : your passport to a successful research career. Download here.



IF Survivors' Guide 2016

UNOFFICIAL document prepared by the MSCA NCP to survive the next IF call.
Download here

ITN Pre-screening checklist

Unofficial document to provide the MSCA NCPs with a hands-on guidance document while prescreening ITN proposals. Download here

GF Calculator

The GF budget calculator is made by the Turkish NCP
Download here.

Outreach Activities

Practical outreach activities that MSCA fellows could consider for their project.
Download here.


Annotated GA

This doc is a user guide that aims to explain the General Model Grant Agreement for H2020.
Download here.

FP7 MSCA Success Stories

Discover the NCP work benefit through these FP7 Success Stories. Download not possible because of file size.

NCP Guidelines

The Guiding principle provied information on how to set up systems of National Contact Points (NCP).
Download here.

Factsheet Open Access

Factsheet on Open Access to Publications made by the European Commission
Download here. 

EF Calculator

The EF budget calculator is made by the Turkish NCP
Download here.

IP Management in MSCA

Outline the main IP-related issues in MSCA at the different stages of their projects.
Download here.


Public Research Results Factsheet

 tools, tips and practices for public research organisations (PROs) to convert the knowledge resulting from publicly funded research activities into socio-economic benefits. Download here