Mr. Matan Rahav

Mr Matan Rahav is the NCP for the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions and for SMEs. Matan has been working since December 2016 at ISERD (the Israel-Europe R&I Directorate).
Matan holds a B.Sc. in Geology & Environmental Sciences, and a M.Sc. in Soil & Water sciences.
Mr Rahav provides potential participants with the information about the Programme through ISERD's website, info-meetings and personal advising. Day to day activities also include promotion of the mentioned above programs by organizing training seminars, partner searching and any other assistance needed.
Matan's aim is to upgrade his systemic knowledge and tools in order to raise his standard of support, and identify and share good practices across SME/Industry/Academy dedicated instruments in Horizon 2020 in close collaboration with other EU networks.

Address: 4 Hayarden St., Airport City, 7019900, Israel
Tel: +972-3-5118171