MSCA NCP Project: Net4Mobility+

The main objective of the 3-year Net4Mobility+ project, based on the achievements of the previous three NCP projects is to build up and strengthen the coherence, professionalism and visibility of the whole MSCA NCP Network. 

The project aims to achieve the following three goals:

  1. to enhance competences of the MSCA NCP network through tailored activities jointly developed by the project consortium, helping its members to acquire and enhance knowledge and skills, to gain experience useful during their daily work at the national, regioanlor local level. 
  2. to support the MSAC NCPs from the "widening countries" by providing activities and means useful at the proposal preparation stage, helping to raise the quality of grant applications as well as supporting their capacity to attrat researchers, collaborators and fundings. 
  3. to increase visibility of the MSCA NCP support to potential beneficiaries and stakeholders representing different organisations, sectors and scientific field, located in Europe and beyond. Information provided via various means aims to simplify their access to practical information, knowledge and practices. 

The project will achieve these goals by the implementation of a wide array of measures, e.g.:

  • Trainings based on the needs of MSCA NCPs in particular with regards to the challenges of Horizon2020
  • Twinning' visits to tap into the already existing knowledge of MSCA NCPs
  • Communication platforms for the constant exchange and transfer of knowledge

A number of public engagement activities and networking events with relevant stakeholders round up the project's activities.

Net4Mobility+ has 19 beneficiaries and 6 Associated Partners from around the world and a duration from 1 March 2018  until 28 February 2021 (3 years).
It is coordinated by IPPT_PAN in Poland.

Project Activities

Work Package 1 - Project Management

The main objective of this Work Package is to establish and maintain an effective management, communication, monitoring and reporting structure in order to ensure smooth implementation of the project activities and achieve the planned outcomes.
This consists of: 1) coherent approach and methodology for coordination, planning and monitoring of activities; 2) effective internal communication among all the partners and other MSCA NCPs not directly involved in the project and
3) ongoing contact with the European Commission / REA and other relevant stakeholders.

Work Package 3 - Enhancing competencies

This WP aims to strengthen knowledge and complementary skills of the NCPs. An excellent NCP knows the hard facts and figures and details of call results to provide clients with updated information on MSCA and related H2020 rules, and help them prepare successful applications. In order to provide professional services, the NCPs also need to be equipped with the right set of skills to motivate, communicate and interact with the scientific and innovation community. Thus, various documents and training sessions will be developed within this WP, aimed at providing high quality tools for all the NCPs and potential applicants.

Work Package 5 - Promotion and external networking

The goal of this WP is to widely promote NCP services and project outputs among the world research community and other networks in order to increase visibility of the MSCA among potential beneficiaries and simplify their access to H2020 calls. It will be achieved by using the project website and social media, organising webinars for scientific community, designing specific activities to approach different researchers' networks as well as optimizing the NCP support by amplifying the impact of available external tools.


Work Package 2 - Capacity Building

WP2 is devoted to updating the MSCA NCP network on MSCA specific issues, and to evaluating the contribution of the project activities to improving the NCPs services. It will be built on mapping the expertise, good practices and needs of all the NCPs in order to share and use the existing knowledge among the entire network through training sessions, staff exchange, materials and easily accessible NCP’s Google Group. In addition, the NCPs’ practical knowledge will be shared with the EC and REA for development of activities better tailored towards research and innovation community interested in MSCA.

Work Package 4 - Widening participation

Work Package 4 will focus on helping institutions and researchers from the “widening countries” to increase their participation and prepare more high-quality applications to MSCA calls. Through mapping their main features, identifying barriers and strengths of attracting more researchers, training NCPs in their environment, exchanging good practices and elaborating strategies to promote the MSCA among their community. Also, this WP will aim at minimizing any existing discrepancies between the countries in their capacity to attract MSCA funding.